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Some Leisure Time

Spent with Colours

My first art teacher was my father. His calligraphy on my school workbook cover page always made me popular. I leant a lot of color mixing from him. 


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Some water colours are still wet



On few occasions had been thrown out of class for drawing sketches of teachers during the boring class. Some loved it.

Water colour

I like the relaxed water colour. Still remember the first pack of tube colours my dad bought for me when I was 5 years old. Camel Water Colours.

Still Life

Some life are beautiful in their still form. Buildings, inanimate, everyday objects, natural objects and their shades and textures are inspirations.

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New York, NY, USA

United Palace Art Theater



Atlanta, GA, USA

Mohegan Sun Gallery



Nashville, TN, USA

Seminole Modern Art Live Event Center



Oxon Hill, MD, USA

MGM National Gallery

Inspiring Words

Priyanka Sarkar

Dr Priyanka Sarkar

My living room is looking more vivid and vibrant after having this wondrous creativity from u…. Need to take a bow to ur beautiful creation and ur awe inspiring attribute…. The “fall colours” seems will never fall in true sense as graciously captured in ur painting… See Facebook Post

Roshni Ray

Roshni Chakraborty Ray

Abstract Painting 20x20

As they say “A picture is a poem without words” I can read it through your vision♥️ masterpiece in a true sense! How many more feathers do u have in ur hat sir ji .. See Facebook Post

Nivedita Sengupta

Landscape 120x80

Creative genius in the genetics for sure- for both of you. This is not a general statement- this is a genuine feeling from the bottom of my heart. See Facebook Post

Sumon Poddar

Wall Magazine 60x80

From a distance always tried to watch how u do those art at that age ( School time). Always thought Goddess Saraswati has blessed u with special creativity. When we were not in touch for long time, I always thought u must be excelling in the field of ART. But later found u have excelled in some other platform.

In those days u were like just today’s heavily paid Actors, who is flying high just not touch the distractions of ground. But trust me dear friend, You are born to entertain us with ur creativity.

Just give us chance to experience ur creativity in a regular interval, that we can show, we had some classy friends. Love to see ur work again.See Facebook Post

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