Private Equity

Operating Partner

- Portfolio Companies

I Increase the Valuation,
Through operational turnaround
and digital transformation
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Private Equity

Operating Partner

- Portfolio Companies

I Increase the Valuation,
Through operational turnaround
and digital transformation

Are you a PE General Partner / Portfolio CEO ?

Your Portfolio Companies Underperforming?
You need Change to be Executed Fast?
Looking for a Hands-on Portfolio Manager?
Looking for an Interim Operating Partner?

1. Value Enhancement

Of PE Portfolio Companies

As Operating Partner, I collaborate with with the incumbent CEO / CIO team and the PE Fund to identify the pragmatic solution of value creation, device action plan and execute them.

Tarak Gorai

Operating Partner

I work with executives to plan and prioritize key value creating initiatives, create foundational cornerstone projects that reach across portfolio.

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2. Digital Transformation

of IT Client Companies

As Client Partner, I lead the Onsite Delivery team of the IT Outsourcing company. Network with the Client CIO / Digital team to deliver mission critical programs, driving revenue for supplier and value for clients.

Tarak Gorai

Client Partner

With specialised knowledge of Enterprise Automation, Tools and Process, I program manage and execute large scale change.

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Connect and Align Multiple Stakeholders

To Execute with Urgency

A brilliant generalist to engage at multiple levels of conversation with stakeholders, I ease the bottleneck of discussion with the expert and specialist team. 

Wicked problems, changing demands and tumultuous business environments make today’s high stakes even more dangerous. 


Digital Transformation

Enterprise automation, Technology choice, Right-sourcing, Project Execution


Due-Diligence, Modeling, M&A, Sensitivity Analysis, Exit Planning

Operational Turnaround

People and Process improvement, Cost-optimization, Resource synergy

Experience that help Insight

The Core Industries

Business Blogs, authored by Tarak Nath Gorai

Banking & Fintech

Technology enabled Bank and Fintech providers, suppliers and eco-system.

India Offshoring

IT & Offshoring Service

Over two decades of experience in right-sourcing, multi-team management.

London Gherkin

Business Services

Consumer and Business services revenue modelling and operational excellence.

I Will Help You To

Uncover and Implement

Get an ‘outside in’ perspective from me, the right solution 

As an Operating Partner, I identify and frame the most critical value creation priorities. Focused on outcomes; committed to making change happen.

Will bring an objective perspective of your company’s performance and articulate the business case for specific areas of shareholder improvement.

With my differentiated skillset built over the years with top-tier consulting and technology firms, I will articulate pragmatic solution and detailed action plans.

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Aabideen Shaq

Due Diligence

Identify potential acquisitions and frame the most critical value creation priorities. With understanding of wide ranging issues I design and perform complex analysis/ hypotheses

Increase Value

Work hand in hand with the CEOs and their leadership teams to increase valuation of portfolio companies through practical solutions and action plans


Gain respect and build trust to develop lasting relationships at all levels. Engage portfolio company teams and facilitate decision making

Project Mgmt

Manage and execute multiple projects and priorities simultaneously, Structure work effectively; ensures high-quality, timely output

What I do as Operating Partner?

Roles and responsibilities

I assume hands on management positions or interim roles during special situations to implement strategic initiatives.


case Studies

Projects as Operating Partner

As a Brilliant Generalist

Skills I bring to Table

  • Effectively Collaborate with Specialists for Solutions
  • Adaptability, Clarity and an Open-Mind
  • Technology and Turnaround
  • A Charismatic People’s Leader

As Operating Partner, I engage at a strategic view of an organization as-well-as the hands-on guy to execute the business strategy under time constraint. Relationship and Multi-Stakeholder Management is my key strength.

cost reduction achiveved
- 0 %
Revenue Growth Delivered
+ 0 %
EBITA Multiples Attained
+ 0 %
PE Transaction Service
Venture Capital 80%
PE Portfolio Company Management 90%
Financial Modelling 64%
Business Value Creation 89%
Digital / Operational Strategy
IT Strategy / Change 82%
Procurement / Offshoring 90%
Enterprise Automation 72%
Fintech and SMB Enterprise 77%

EMBA (2019) and MBA ( 2002)

Experience backed by Education

A rigorous second MBA from Said Business School, Oxford University.

With distinction in Corporate Turnaround and Technology Transformation.

case studies
+ 0
+ 0
Professional Enrichment


Continuous learning is key to my professional development and mental enrichment. I strive to expand my professional learning in diverse leadership and technical skills.

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is for anyone who is managing projects as part of their role. Being in Project management function and change being an inherent part of day to day work, I took the Practitioner certification is to confirm my understanding of how to apply and tailor the methods in a range of different project environments and scenarios.

The IBM Blockchain Platform Developer and Consultant certifications help me engage with clients who are looking to select and design a solution that is based on IBM Blockchain Platform. The certification help me have an appreciation for the Blockchain architecture and Blockchain for business considerations. 

Wall Street Preparation certification for professionals, students and those in career transition to demonstrate completion of Wall Street Prep’s rigorous financial modeling training program. This program helped me compliment my MBA learnings with Financial and Valuation Modeling, that directly help me company valuation and acquisitions.

InfiniteInsight is a predictive modeling suite developed by KXEN that assists analytic professionals, and business executives to extract information from data. Among other functions, InfiniteInsight is used for variable importance, classificationregressionsegmentationtime seriesproduct recommendation.

My certification helps me in predictive business analysis, forecasting and modelling.

The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) has launched an Insolvency Programme for individuals aspiring to join the insolvency profession or seeking roles in the Private Equity, in India and in foreign jurisdictions.

With the recent changes in insolvency legislation in India, there will be huge rise in the insolvency cases in India. I am currently pursuing this certification understand the landscape and engage in Private Equity activity.

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