Business Storytelling

With Pause and Eloquence


Listen to the talks of a Personal Change Management Keynote Speaker who engages and inspires you to take action. 

It is rewarding to me, when you reflect on THE message, even long after MY speech is over.


As a Guest Speaker in Management Schools, I bind psychology, politics, technology and management to untangle prejudices and biases of young leaders.


A Keynote Speaker to Opening Conferences to set the tone or After-dinner talk to leave a profound thought. 


I debate issues that are dissenting, controversial or strife. I am also a Life Member of the Oxford Union.


Discuss with persuade teams to embrace change with One clear, Vivid point, Not loads of Data.

Popular Topics

Subjects and talks of relevance

Networking isn’t at the top of everyone’s to-do list. It can be time-consuming, and downright awkward on occasion. How to start early.

We all hear change is good. But change within is often ignored. A relationship, job, habit, often calls for change. How to accept it.

We are often modest about our skills. But deep inside we must know, skills we don’t possess . But how to uncover self?

Before you read another article weather automation takes your job, embrace to automate much of your life’s daily chores. Suggest a topic.

The balance to focus or multitask is part of many debates. We have spans of both. Hear how to effectively focus on multitasking.

Every jungle or society have rules of the game. Business has it even more. Learn to follow and break the rules of the game for growth.

Looking for Work-Life balance? Hear from a globe trotter consultant, CEO and PE professional on how to practice the balance.


Keynote Speaking

Change Management Keynote Speaker

AIC Diwali 2019-3

KeyNote speech at AIC Annual Function

Keynote speech at Royal Society of Medicine

Tarak Nath Gorai delivery Change Management Keynote Speaker at Royal Society of Medicine, London


Guest Lecture

Tarak Nath Gorai delivering a Keynote / guest lecture on Change Management at the American University of Emirates
Guest Lecturing for MBA Students,

American University of Emirates

Tarak Nath Gorai with his students for the Change management Keynote speaker at St Catherine college, Oxford University, Oxford Royale
With Summer Students, St Catherine's College,

Oxford University

Every year for two weeks, I tour world universities to meet and motivate young mind and mature professionals alike.

Topics ranges from practice of management, challenge own prejudice to personal productivity etc.

Tarak Nath Gorai, with all students, delivering Guest Lecture, Change Management Keynote Speaker - at Oxford University, ORA Teaching
With ORA Students at Queens College,

Oxford University

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