Continuous Investments In

Learning and Development

Two year Oxford University MBA, Graduated 2019

University of Oxford


Said Business School, aim to develop high potential individuals. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my role and purpose as a leader to add value to my stakeholders.


The Oxford University MBA program, nurture high potential individuals as impact leaders by developing their ability to lead themselves first in order to lead others and drive change.


The Oxford experience helped me revisit my prejudices, focus on Mindfulness, Reflectivity, Self-knowledge, Personal resilience, Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Tarak Nath Gorai standing with his graduation degree in from of Oxford University on Graduation Day, Oxford MBA

Oxford University Graduation, 2019.  MBA with Distinction in Multiple Subjects. 

A Decision to Distinction

Invested two years and equivalent of $100k to refresh my skills for the new-age career.

The rigor of Advanced Learning

world class projects spread across 5 countries

Over 24 months, we travelled to Silicon Valley (California), Offshoring Hub ( Bangalore), Manufacturing Source ( China), Social Impact (South Africa), Fintech ( London) to learn from the leaders.

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First MBA, 2002

Faculty Of Management Studies

Birla Temple Varanasi BHU Temple 950x950

FMS, BHU is a top full time residential MBA program, that equipped me to ride on the growth story of India shinning for two decades. My Oxford University MBA prepared me for the digital age.

Varanasi is known to be the oldest city of India. Strategically located along the banks of the pious River Ganges in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in North East India.

Varanasi is dripping in history and spirituality. It also is the home to the Banaras Hindu University.


The imposing architecture and the grand design will welcome you at the gate of the University, a home to 20,000 students. Inside the large campus, house over 60 hostels, hundreds of colleges, farm, airstrip, swimming pool and the beautiful temple.

A satellite view of the university will reveal the town-planning in the inspiration of sun-rays.

Science Undergraduate

Physics / Mathematics

Help me in Business Analysis and Quants

There are mathematical links between physics and finance that go back at least to 1900, when Frenchman Louis Bachelier wrote his Theory of Speculation, in which he used the mathematics of a random walk to analyse fluctuations on the Paris stock exchange. ref: The Guardian

No wonder why Guardian published: According to a report published last year by the Institute of Physics, of those in employment one year after graduation, a job in “finance” was second only in popularity to a job in “education”. 

My days of number crunching, particle theory and relativity had made me a better manager in finance, economics and emotion. Physics trained me to put rigor and quantitative outlook to any problem. A blog on my college days.

Learning Science 600x600
I spent my summers at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, gazing at the distant supernova, punching data at the super computer and came close to accepting a role in an integrated PhD program at IIT. But I chose my corporate career after a degree in Physics.
Tarak Nath Gorai Bio Headshot in a cool blue suit
Tarak Nath Gorai
BSc, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Maths

Making of a Disciplinarian

Missionary School

A top private school of India, Ram Krishna Mission, is an academics focused school, known to build character and citizens for future.

A well-rounded boarding education is known to help prepare young minds for the rigors of tertiary-level academia and real-life challenges. Ref: The Association of Boarding Schools.

The key skills inculcated within me: 

  • Independence
  • TeamWork
  • Focus on Studies
  • Explore other Interest
Professional Enrichment


Continuous learning is key to my professional development and mental enrichment. I gifted myself on 40th Birthday, an Oxford University MBA with distinction in Business Turnaround.  I strive to expand my professional learning in diverse leadership and technical skills.

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is for anyone who is managing projects as part of their role. Being in Project management function and change being an inherent part of day to day work, I took the Practitioner certification is to confirm my understanding of how to apply and tailor the methods in a range of different project environments and scenarios.

The IBM Blockchain Platform Developer and Consultant certifications help me engage with clients who are looking to select and design a solution that is based on IBM Blockchain Platform. The certification help me have an appreciation for the Blockchain architecture and Blockchain for business considerations. 

Wall Street Preparation certification for professionals, students and those in career transition to demonstrate completion of Wall Street Prep’s rigorous financial modeling training program. This program helped me compliment my MBA learnings with Financial and Valuation Modeling, that directly help me company valuation and acquisitions.

InfiniteInsight is a predictive modeling suite developed by KXEN that assists analytic professionals, and business executives to extract information from data. Among other functions, InfiniteInsight is used for variable importance, classificationregressionsegmentationtime seriesproduct recommendation.

My certification helps me in predictive business analysis, forecasting and modelling.

The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) has launched an Insolvency Programme for individuals aspiring to join the insolvency profession or seeking roles in the Private Equity, in India and in foreign jurisdictions.

With the recent changes in insolvency legislation in India, there will be huge rise in the insolvency cases in India. I am currently pursuing this certification understand the landscape and engage in Private Equity activity.

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