Depth and Breadth of

Skills I Developed and Deploy

Primary Skills

Relationship and Commercial

A Sales and Revenue officer turned CEO, and now an Operating Partner is highly analytical and forward looking, with very select set of Private Equity Skills

With my super specialized Private Equity Skills, of Value Creation and Transformation, I assume overall responsibility of the P&L of the Portfolio, Digital Transformation and Implement business strategies with speed and hands-on approach. Above all it’s my relationship that drives people and business.

Tarak Nath Gorai : Operating Partner, MavensWood Investments
Tarak was instrumental in taking charge of the company, though he was external, he understood the intricacies very fast. He then communicated detailed actionable steps and got-on implementing the future path. He is little disruptive too, but that's why we brought him in as the CEO.

Delivery Skills

Team, Process & People Management

A clear understanding of what enables the business to generate value, opportunities and trends in the marketplace, and people’s personal aspirations. 


A key skill is to quickly identify the matching talent with roles that create the most value, and deliver the strategy through right candidate.


A continuous employee engagement drives buy-in and motivation to implement the desired culture. I remain well connected at all levels of team and company.


Agility to decision making is a key skill you will find in me. With my private equity skills, I embrace early signs of loss or failure and take well established decision to steer early.

Corporate Strategy

As an interim or permanent role, I converge to take the bold decision with speed. Sometimes being external to the system helps me ask that tough question easier than one who are embedded in the system.

Board Engagement

Collaborate with board chairs on developing a forward-looking agenda. Maintain a strong relationship with the chair (or lead independent director) in addition hold purposeful meetings with individual board members.

Stakeholder Relationship

I spend time thinking about, articulating, championing the purpose of the PE fund and company and its impact to day-to-day business practices. In addition, with my private equity skills I keep updated the external stakeholder, investors and regulators.

Leadership Skills

Strategic Vision

Private Equity Skills and Office

Skills I bring to Table

A Brilliant Generalist

Private Equity Skills

  • Effectively Collaborate with Specialists for Solutions
  • Adaptability, Clarity and an Open-Mind
  • Technology and Turnaround
  • A Charismatic People’s Leader

I engage at a strategic view of an organization as-well-as the hands-on guy to execute the business strategy under time constraint. Relationship and Multi-Stakeholder Management is my key strength.

cost reduction achiveved
- 0 %
Revenue Growth Delivered
+ 0 %
EBITA Multiples Attained
+ 0 %
Portfolio Company Transaction
Transaction Service 80%
PE Portfolio Company Management 95%
Financial Modelling 64%
Business Value Creation 89%
Digital and Operational Improvement
IT Strategy and Implementation 90%
Procurement and Offshoring 80%
Enterprise Automation 72%
Fintech and SMB Enterprise 77%

Loremus Windfarm project

clean tech

Invest in wind power & clean energy

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kw Reduction
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energy savings
CO 2 Reduction

Change Management Skills

Project and Program Management

The critical skills of The Operating Partner is to excel in private equity skills like driving large scale change with speed in people, tools and operational processes across functions and offices, against all odds and pressure. A PRINCE2 Practitioner for complex and agile projects.

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Key Differentiated Skills

Idea Synthesis

As a leader, it’s the idea generation, combine parts of a whole in new and different ways is what I focus and practice. 

Manage Aspirations

I am ambitious, and appreciate others personal ambitions too. I focus to manage the dynamics and aspirations than the mechanics of team

Calm Under Pressure

The proof can only be seen in practice as events in hindsight can’t demonstrate the point. I guess my practice of yoga and mental calmness helps

Emotion / Optimism

Personal integrity and emotional balance is key under stressful situation and I practice it. Positive Intuition comes in play when data do not speak

Business Storyteller

A public speaker, guest lecturer and a debater drive single idea without fluff. A keynote speaker, with great presentation, I engage and enthuse my audience

Rapid Learning

Time again, I have taken projects well beyond my previous experiences and delivered as pro. At 40, re-skilled and graduated from Oxford University

Multi- potentialite

To implement the company strategy across Finance, Legal, Compliance, Human Resource, administration you looking for a multipotentialite

Tear Down Problems

At times, I delve too deep in breaking the issues into its components. Especially when root cause analysis and meticulous planning is necessary

Manage Ambiguity

I feel at home in a fast moving, complex and dynamic environment where uncertainty and risk needs to be embraced with steadfast resolve

What I am Not!

I do have a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, private equity skills that make me a professional to implement change and increase valuation of your company. While giving a laundry-list of skills, I would still never claim to be someone that I am not. 

A Big 4 Consultant

Consultancies often have talented generalist candidates, but most of them are accustomed to playing the role of an advisor, rather than the principal. I am the the Hand-On-Guy with consultancy experience.

An Engineer

A Physics Graduate and a Maths Olympiad winner, I went close to becoming an AstroPhysicist, but business beaconed. I love Enterprise Technology and drive change with technocrats to Digitise and Automate.

An Alien

I am a human with some assumed superpower skills like Connecting-the-Dots, Intuition, Telepathy and Sense of Humour. But combined all that you read, I am no Alien and do feel the pain of failure.

Private Equity Skills

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