Digitising the Enablers

Probono: Volunteering for Charity Business

Helping the third sector fit for the digital age

Haddenham Community Junior School
Co-Chair of PTA
Governance, Fund Raising, Events and Children Well-Being for the School Community in Buckinghamshire.
Mar 19 - Sep 19
Employability UK
Digital Consultant
Assisting the organisation for enterprise automation, for better service to the frontend.
Sep 18 - Mar 19
Ashford Place
Helping modernise the charity organisation for homeless. Helping more to be delivered for less.
Sep 18 - Mar 19

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Organizations need to innovate to remain relevant

Fund Raising

Active High-Value Networking for Fundraising


Contribute to the effective governance and leadership


Digital audit and Program implementation

Giving back to the Community

How I Contribute?

While a Private Equity Value Enhancement Officer I bring in the skills to Volunteering for Charity Business. I improve organizational value through Digital, IT and Organizational Change.

I extend the Governance service to select community charity and NGOs.

My objective is to make charities more effective through the use of digital tools and organisational change, so that they can serve the community better.

Impact Leadership

With Moto: Service Before Self 

Volunteering for Charity Business

Founding Member: Proyas Cultural
Far away from the cultural land of India, we have called this new country our home. While festivals, rituals are a nostalgia to us, for our children, we need to inculcate the sense of belongingness.

With this objective, few friends created the charity organization "Proyas" meaning "an honest effort" with an objective to continue the heritage here in UK. This multicultural charity aims to aims to foster the second generation identify their roots.
Digital Campaign Recording in Studio, Oxford University Student Union
Trustee : Oxford University Student Union
Though I come from the Indian state of West Bengal, a hot-bed for Student Politics, Debates, Culture, Liberalism and Nobel Laureates, I never chose to subscribe to Student Union. But Oxford was different.

I CHOSE TO CONTEST THE ELECTION and was keen to Volunteering for Charity Business to contribute to the Global Community of 20,000 Students and test my Public Leadership.
Co-Chair: PTA Haddenham School
Austerity in UK had impacted the school funding in a great way. I joined my son's primary school PTA (Parent Teacher Association) as the Co-Chair to lead the small team of enthusiastic parents to host events and raise funds that directly benefit the school infrastructure.
Board Members Aylesbury Indian Community Photo, Tarak Nath Gorai, Volunteering for Charity Business, Mayor of Aylesbury
Jan 2019-Till Date
Secretary: Aylesbury Indian Commumnity
Three years ago when we moved to the beautiful Buckinghamshire town, it was lonely. The move was to meet multiple needs.. son's superb-secondary schooling, my commute to Oxford and London, and proximity to Supirya's first job... In three years, the town became home mostly due to the friends we made, love of the community and meaningful connections made at multiple levels.

When the AYLESBURY INDIANS COMMUNITY (AIC) voted me their Secretary, I was a little nervous... Thanks to President Kannan, and the lovely members to support me all through.

Today I am proud to say, the community is vibrant and active, with multiple successful events across the year.
Jan 2019-Till Date
BLCF Board Members, Tarak Nath Gorai , Volunteering for Charity Business
Sep 2019- Till Date
Board Member & Director: Bedford Luton Community Foundation
Provide overall direction and governance, as a Board Member and Trustee. Sitting on sub-committees for closer monitoring with the CEO. Digital adoption for the UK's fourth largest grant giving organization.
Sep 19 - Till Date
Sep 2019- Till Date

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